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I have served in full time ministry since 1995, but I felt a clear calling in 1987, when I was in eighth grade. I woke up one morning wondering what direction I was going to take my life, literally thinking, “What is the one thing I’m going to be best at and spend my whole life doing?” I was friends with “powerful” kids in junior high: one friend was the most popular, another was the toughest, and the third was the best athlete. It was clear to me that all of these pursuits were temporary…and therefore, not worth my lifelong commitment.

I figured that since my soul would last forever, I should work to improve its condition.  In this, I felt God say, “Get to know me and help others do the same.” My family had not been to church in a couple years, but I had some Catholic friends so I started attending their confirmation classes. At this point in my life, I decided that I would become a priest. I finished junior high and continued through high school with full-time ministry as my goal.

At Azusa Pacific University, I double majored in Biblical Studies and Psychology. I was fortunate enough to study for a semester in Israel. Upon graduation, I went to serve in youth ministry at Saddleback Church under my mentor and friend Doug Fields.

I’ve served at Saddleback Church (Lake Forest, CA) , New Song Church (Irvine, CA), Group Publishing, Mariners Church (Irvine, CA), Newport Mesa Church (Costa Mesa, CA), New Life Church (Pismo Beach, CA), and Living on the Edge Ministry (Atlanta, CA). I currently serve as the managing editor at Pastors.com.