Grow Spiritually

When Evil Abounds

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7)

This was the prophet’s cry when he was surrounded by evil. He paints a grim picture:

  • There was no fruit from his labor
  • He had no community with other faithful people
  • The day was ruled by violence and corrupt leadership
  • Judgment from God was coming, but it had not yet arrived
  • No one could be trusted: not neighbors, friends, or even family

It’s hard to imagine a darker picture.

Naturally, we don’t know the full depth of Micah’s experience. Was he fearful, anxious, depressed? I think these are safe assumptions. However, we do know where he found the strength to continue: Micah watched for God, putting his hope in him. He waited for his savior, crying out to him because Micah knew God cared enough to listen.

Our world is under constant attack from evil. Some of the evil comes from you and me, some of it comes from the enemy of God. In days like these, where the news cycles choose to focus on the great and terrible injustices, we are more aware of the deeply disturbing actions people undertake to hurt others. Awareness is a good thing.

Well, awareness is good when it leads to change.

Consider these questions so that you can be more like Micah:

  • ATTENTION: where is your focus?
  • HOPE: what are you expecting to happen?
  • WAITING: Is God your savior, or are you trying to fix things apart from him?
  • TALK: Are you praying to God, because he does listen, or are you wasting your words elsewhere?

On this side of eternity, evil will always abound. This is tragic. Heartbreaking. Overwhelming. And the evil seems to multiply, like cockroaches in the dark, when we pretend it doesn’t exist.