a simple pattern for PRAYER

Relationships don’t just happen. You know this. They take all kinds of work in several different directions. One foundation for a healthy relationship is communication—speaking and listening.

While the best friendships may not require a strict structure, they do need intentionality and authenticity.

We are intentional when we make the time to talk and listen. Intentionality pushes further: we think through what we want and need to say. We also position our attitude to hear the response and take it to heart.

Of course, none of this is important if we aren’t authentic, telling the truth to ourselves and our friend.

What follows is a simple way to pray with intentionality. There are probably thousands of ways to pray—dig through the old writings and you will find them. I’m not suggesting this is the only pattern—or even the best. Take it for what it’s worth, even if it’s a method that you find lacking: fix it and make one for yourself!


Thank God for his gifts and blessings
Thank God for who he is (good, loving, powerful, etc.)

Appeal to God for help and answers
Appeal to God for others

Confess your sins (pride, ego, mistakes, etc.)

Follow his voice and your conscience