A Prayer from Ephesians

A prayer written by Tom Holladay: as a summary of his sermon, which you can find here.

Lord—I want things to change—really change—in my prayer life.
I pray from time to time, I want to learn to pray all of the time. Teach me to pray.
I pray casually, I want to learn to pray earnestly. Teach me to pray.
I pray for a change of my circumstances, but forget to pray for a change in my character.
I pray for my needs to be met, but forget to pray for my love to increase.
My prayers often stretch no further than tomorrow when I want them to reach towards eternity.
Teach me to pray. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

What I love about this prayer:

  1. It’s based on scripture, you can see how it’s connected here.
  2. It’s personal yet aspirational without being judgemental. What I mean is that it talks about where we are “at” and where we need to go, without condemnation. It’s not bad to pray from time to time…but it’s better to pray all the time.
  3. It was a practical application of everything he talked about in the message.