How to Actively Hear God’s Voice

I don’t like it when I’m treated unfairly. You probably don’t either. All of us react differently when we are attacked. I lean heavily toward a “passionate response.” That’s code (and rationalization) for fight fire with fire.

It’s not very Christlike, and I’m working on it.

I’m an assistant coach, and a few days ago, a parent had some constructive criticism for the whole coaching staff. I was quiet the first two times he made his case. Another coach jumped in and agreed with him, and the parent saw this as an invitation to make his case a third time. I get it. It’s not easy to speak up. Neither is it easy for me to stay quiet, so I fired back a a little push back. The conversation didn’t escalate, which is was a bonus.

This situation got me thinking about my weakness when I’m facing accusation. I was on high alert when I read 1 Peter chapter 2. We’ll talk about my reflections later, but the point for today is this:

What’s going on in your life that ought to be filtered through your reading of scripture?

Recently, have you been hurt? Have you offended someone? Were you surprised in some way? Have you been distracted? Did something make you laugh or give you joy?

What’s the most memorable thing that’s happened in the last few days? And, how can God speak to you about that situation through scripture?