Why Relational Connections are Important to Me

I recently spent a little time thinking about my friendships and thanking God for their impact in my life. Fellowship is a gift! We aren’t entitled to friends, we have to be a good friend to develop significant relationships. As I was considering the benefits I receive from my close friends, the following blessings bubbled to the top:

Laughter and Fun. It’s not a surprise that being around good people creates joy. Life can be stressful, busy, discouraging, overwhelming … I need joy! Diversions seem good, but joy truly is good.

Encouragement and Support. Everyone wants to be accepted. Personally, this translates into being understood by others. This has led me to be an open person…and sometimes too open! #oversharing

Feedback and Correction. I have a ton of opinions–on just about every subject. I desperately need outside perspective. If I only live in MATT’S WORLD, things get crazy…QUICK. I need the growth that can only come when I’m around others.

Ministry and Impact. Significance is rooted in Christ, which means becoming more like him. Jesus came to serve and to help other people. Helping others is better when I do it with others. We can minister alone–which is the path some of us have to take–but there is greater meaning when I serve alongside a friend.

How does God bless you through your friends?

Father, Thank you for the gift of fellowship. I need the people you have placed in my life. Forgive me for the times I take my friends for granted. Help me to nurture my friendships so that I give and not just take. Amen.