A Personal Leadership Tune Up

The people we know deserve our best, so we ought to work on getting better. When we delay our personal growth, we aren’t just limiting our potential, we also have a weaker impact in the world around us.

When it comes to personal growth, we get to choose our own adventure: either we decide to have consistent check ups or we will eventually fall into depressing ruts. If a car’s oil isn’t changed regularly, eventually the engine will break down and need to be replaced. The CHANGE OIL LIGHT is easy to ignore, but the catastrophe of a broken engine denied.

The same is true with our personal and ministry relationships. When we make a mess of our lives, it’s rarely an instant train wreck. The destruction is incremental. It’s more like a slow leak under the foundation. And over time, the constant drip drip drip slowly erodes the soil and then disaster strikes.


The following download offers a few questions to jump start your thinking about your leadership. This way you can discover a few tweaks to make now. Giving yourself a minor tune up will keep you on the road for the long haul.